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Financial, tax, and advisory services in Ringwood

We know that quality financial planning advice can benefit people in all stages of life. Getting the right advice from a Politis Investment Strategies Financial Planner will ensure you benefit from a personalised solution that will assist you in achieving your financial goals and objectives.

Your Politis Investment Strategies Financial Planner will form a strong and lasting relationship with you, taking the time to understand your financial situation, needs and objectives. Your Financial Planner will review and monitor your individual situation on a regular basis to ensure that you remain on track to achieve your desired outcomes.

Retirement planning

Retirement planning is the process of determining how much capital you will need at your planned retirement age in order to provide you with your desired level of income for your lifetime. The aim of retirement planning is to achieve financial independence, which is obtained when gainful employment can be seen as an option, rather than a necessity.

Comprehensive retirement planning encompasses income tax and capital gains tax minimisation strategies, superannuation and non-superannuation accumulation strategies and debt management. These strategies are formulated with a view to maximising your income in retirement by maximising your income producing assets, maximising government support, and reducing tax. Retirement planning is not just for those in the latter years of their working life. An earlier start to retirement planning will often mean smaller adjustments will need to be made to ensure retirement objectives are met in later years. It can be as simple as understanding the long term impact of additional mortgage repayments, gearing strategies or superannuation contributions.
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Wealth protection

Many individuals take all of the right steps and put in place sensible wealth creation strategies that will ultimately lead to financial independence at their target retirement age. Often the main threat to that objective being achieved is illness or injury that results in an individual's earning capacity being reduced or lost, either permanently or for a period of time.

To protect against these events it is vital that personal risk insurance is in place. A detailed analysis of your current position and future objectives is required to accurately calculate the amounts you require and how the policies should be owned. Having your policies structured correctly will avoid significant unexpected tax consequences at a time when you need financial certainty and security.

A combination of Life Insurance, Total and Permanent Disability Insurance, Income Protection and Trauma Insurance will provide comprehensive protection against unforeseen events.

Wealth creation

Wealth creation strategies start from the moment we begin our working lives. It can be as simple as commencing a regular savings plan with a view to building a deposit for a first home. This gives rise to the single biggest financial hurdle that most people face when endeavouring to accumulate assets for retirement, like their mortgage.

The planning process allows us to quantify the impact of borrowing to purchase your family home on your long term position, providing you with the opportunity to make an informed decision on how much you should look to borrow and what your repayments should be. A long term wealth creation strategy may then look at opportunities to utilise the equity in your family home to invest in growth assets such as shares or investment properties, and also to consider the long term benefits of additional superannuation contributions.
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Estate planning

Estate Planning involves much more than simply making a will. It’s the creation of a plan to help navigate through unexpected events, providing certainty and security for you and your dependents when sickness, disability or death means you can no longer personally provide for your, or their, financial, health and emotional wellbeing.

A comprehensive Estate Plan incorporates a number of documents which are coordinated to provide you and your family with the optimal outcome when the unexpected occurs.
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